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Facebook Sabbatical

General / 15 November 2018

This should be interesting I am taking a leave of absence from Facebook, feels like it is taking up too much of my limited attention, I think it could be good for productivity, who knows.

To be clear  this isn't an anti Facebook thing and nothing against the great people I am connected with on there, it isn't even really about the Facebook practices, although they are dubious at best. It is about me and my attention deficit when it comes to checking on updates likes comments and all that addictive stuff.

I am like most constantly seeking some form of validation and Facebook checking was is becoming addictive and unproductive. As much as I love the nice comments and likes they aren't going to pay the bills or improve my skill and efficiency.

I am not deleting it in a fit of peak, my account will stay and I will still be forwarding posts via Instagram and here to my Facebook page, but I do hope I can rid myself of the constant pecking at comments on there and use the time more productively.

I am still around on Twitter Instagram and of course here, all the best.