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Un-Hinged - Procedural Texture Painting

General / 07 January 2018

I have used Substance Painter a lot in the past for creating texture maps with good results. However since I have been using Modo I have been using it less and less. This isn't anything against Painter or Modo it is just the connection between the two is a little involved. In this regard I prefer Marmoset where it is still involved but more drag and drop. Also Painter's inclusion of iRay made me less likely to leave the program for basic renders, which is mostly what I want.

As the connection between Painter and Modo is, as I said, a little involved I started to look at the Shader Tree in Modo to try and recreate some of the Painter workflow. The shader tree in modo is very powerful if a little idiosyncratic using a layer based system similar to Photoshop. The biggest challenge for me though wasn't the methodology rather the speed of the feedback here Painter excels. The speed coupled with the sensitive nature of the procedurals takes a light touch and patience to master, I am not there yet but I am seeing vast improvements.

The first image below was done in Substance Painter as a reference.

I didn't spend too much time on it and so it is pretty basic which is fine as I only wanted a comparison render to see the general similarities.

This next image was created in Modo using procedural texture layers in the Shader tree. It is worth noting the render times on the one above and below are vastly different by an order of magnitude.

I tweaked the settings on this a little a my first attempt wasn't to my liking. Once I had something I liked enough I then dropped the texture onto a different Mesh and changed the Seed generator value to give a little variation.

This last image is the result of using exactly the same texture with a small change this is very much the same as a Smart Material in Substance Painter and offers a similar workflow. The big difference being render speed, Modo is of course slower but the results are superior I think.

I make a lot of little pieces that are for promotion on Gumroad the ability to create a quick and repeatable workflow in Modo is something I appreciate greatly.

Finally here is a screenshot of the Shader Tree from Modo not that informative but a idea of the layers used:

Thanks for your interest!